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Bros BBQ and Paella was founded by brothers Craig and Scott Marston. They both truly love food and the happiness it brings. Food is the one thing that brings people together, that is what we really enjoy. 

Our BBQ is dry rubbed with our own spice blend, then left to sit for 24 hours. We slow smoke all our meats over apple and oak wood, anywhere from 4 hours for chicken all the way up to 16 hours for brisket and pork. There is no short cut to proper BBQ.

Although we do prefer to let the dry rub and meat stand alone, we do make a variety of sauces, all of which are made to compliment the Q, not cover it.

Paella is traditionally a Spanish "kitchen sink" dish. That is, whatever is available in that region or town goes in. It varies all over Spain.  We make our paella the same way, with what is local and fresh from our area. Seafood, chicken, produce, all as local and fresh as we can get.

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