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All meats dry rubbed with our own spice blend

All sides are homemade, from scratch




  1. COLE SLAW........The traditional bbq side dish. We do our with a mayo/sour cream based dressing. Tangy and a touch sweet, the perfect foil to rich smokey bbq

  2. HOUSE SALAD......Organic mixed greens, green onion and carrot with a balsamic vinaigrette. Our most popular.

  3. CAESAR SALAD......Made big and bold, with garlic,  parmigiano-reggiano, anchovy. Very traditional.

  4. BBQ BEANS.............made with our own bbq sauce, sautéed onions and pit smoked for added flavor. 

  5. MAC-N-CHEESE.......gooey, cheesey, sinfully delicious. Made with three cheeses, with or without bacon.

  1. PORK SPARE RIBS....The big ones. Dry rubbed, left overnight and slow smoked till they are soft and tender. Placed top 3 at West Coast BBQ Championships, a kansas city bbq association sanctioned event.

  2. PULLED PORK..........Better known as a "butt" this shoulder cut is dry rubbed, left overnight, then slow smoked 12-14 hours over hardwood. Truly the most succulent pork there is.

  3. BRISKET..................This cut of meat is the perfect showcase for what low and slow can do! A tough cut of beef, once the brisket is dry rubbed, we smoke it 14 hours and out comes a moist, tender cut of beef like no other.

  4. CHICKEN.................First thing we do is brine that bird! Brining insures and flavorful and juicy product every time. We always cook the chickens whole, so as to not lose as much moisture.

We are not offering BBQ at this time, please check back later.


sorry for the inconvenience 


PULLED PORK               | $11.00        | $8.50         | $7.50
PORK SPARE RIBS       | $12.00        | $10.50         | $8.50
BRISKET                         | $13.00        | $11.50         | $9.50
CHICKEN                        | $8.00        | $6.00         | $5.50

SIDES                             | $6.50        | $8.00          | $10.00        | $11.00
BOUNTY TABLE           small      $9.50        Lg    $13.00


       1                         2                          3   

                                                                                                       all prices per person, plus tax ($300 minimum)


Choose number of meats (1,2,3). Number of sides.  Add them together and you get your per person price.
Example:  2 meats (brisket $11.00 + chicken $6.00) plus 2 sides ($8.00)= $25.00 per person.
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